ShipExplorer is responsive and easily adaptable model visualisation tool and product data exchange platform for various operating systems and CAD formats.

  • View entire ship or just a part of it.
  • Smart & easy dimension checking.
  • Many types of selection: interactive, according to rules, properties, attributes, hierarchy, etc.
  • Nongraphical data presentation according to smart geometry type
  • Reverse engineering tools: very quick and easy creation of „smart Hull Elements” from „dummy geometry”.
  • Property presentation connected to 3D geometry presentation.
  • Various calculations on complete model or selected geometry: mass, CoG, mass distribution, etc.
  • Basic model editing: translate, rotate, scale selected geometry.
  • Model changes tracking (hull – CADDS/TRIDENT).
ShipExplorer Visualiser - Default outside view
ShipExplorer Visualiser - Scenery View
ShipExplorer Visualiser - Interior Space View