A modular suite that complement the CAD system by using the 3D model data for production purposes. Consists of 7 modules: Visualiser (module for ship’s visualisation), Drafting (creation of shipbuilding documentation), Assembly Manager (definition and control of ship’s technological hierarchy), Painting (spaces definition and estimation of paint quantities), Nesting (for plates and profiles), Production Support (weld data definition, dimension control, etc.) and Pipe Production (pipe spool sketches generation and data transfer to the CNC machines for pipe cutting and bending).



ShipExplorer is responsive and easily adaptable model visualisation tool and product data exchange platform for various operating systems and CAD formats.

End user experience

ShipExplorer is tailored to the end user with fast data loading, easy model manipulation. and a sleek and clean user interface focused on the work and not on the app.

Open platform

ShipExplorer supports many input and output formats, including all dominant CAD formats. It can work as a complement to many CAD systems, with very easy data exchange and minimum data loss.