Visualisation tool for hull structure and outfitting

ShipExplorer Visualiser complement the CAD system by using the 3D model data for visualisation purposes.

  • Allows easy visualisation of complex spaces comprised of hull structure and corresponding equipment.
  • Thanks to a modular organisation, Visualiser can easy interact with other modules, and therefore it plays the role of central point for other applications from the TRIDENT ShipExplorer suite.
Simple user interface and model manipulation
  • Importing geometry for single nodes or branches of the structure, for arbitrary selected portions of the structure, both for the hull and outfitting part.
  • Efficient view manipulation (zoom, rotation, translation) using the mouse, where the point of zoom or rotation can be easily selected.
  • Predefined standard views, and the possibility to store an unlimited number of user defined views.
Fully interactive
  • Shaded or wireframe display of structure elements, various transparency levels of elements can be defined, or the elements can be hidden.

  • Full interaction between the hierarchy tree window and the graphic window.
Non-graphical attributes
  • Display of element non-graphical attributes, including attributes coming from the CAD model (material, mass, centre of gravity, etc.), together with attributes from PDM and ERP systems.
  • A powerful product structure search tool.
  • Loading outfitting for corresponding hull or vice versa.
Cutting planes / Interactive Dimensioning
  • To facilitate the exploration of hidden parts of the ship by cutting it with user defined planes and hiding the part of the model on one side of the plane.

  • The number of cut planes is not limited, and each cut
    plane can be defined by surface normal vector, by
    coordinate axes, by frame or by distance from baseline.
  • Dynamic distance measurement, with automatic
    placement of measurement points on characteristic model points (vertexes, edges), with smart placement of
    dimension lines in an optimal way concerning the
    dimension readability and visibility.
Basic sketching tool
  • Adds the possibility of a quick and efficient creation of simple sketches for the selected geometry, with the addition of standard 2D entities to the underlying model directly in Visualiser, to be used in situations where a more powerful tool for document generation, ShipExplorer Drafting, is not needed.
Varoius display capabilities
  • Ortographic or perspective display mode.

  • Stereo 3D capabilities (with adequate hardware support).

  • Fly-through mode.

  • Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift)


  • Supports importing major CAD model data formats
  • Support for other CAD model formats can be easily added
  • Example of supported formats: dwg, dxf, dwf, dgn, sat
Project collaboration
  • Multiple users can work together on the different parts of the same project using master-slave project capability.

Multiplatform support

Runs on following platforms (32bit and 64bit):

  • Windows: 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Linux: Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux
  • Oracle Solaris: SPARC, x86


Here’s a quick video introduction to the TRIDENT ShipExplorer visualisation capabilities: