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TRIDENT ShipExplorer

Two years ago we started to develop a number of TRIDENT modules which run outside the CADDS environment, with the intention of having a platform which is CAD system independent. These modules, collected together under the name TRIDENT ShipExplorer, are:

  • TRIDENT ShipExplorer Visualizator – visualization tool for hull structure and outfitting
  • TRIDENT ShipExplorer Pipe Production – pipe spool sketches generation and data transfer to the CNC machines for pipe cutting and bending
  • TRIDENT ShipExplorer Painting – definition of spaces and calculation of paint quantities
  • TRIDENT ShipExplorer Drafting – drawing generation for hull structure and outfitting
  • TRIDENT ShipExplorer Measure – data preparation for the blocks measure control during the steel assembly process
  • TRIDENT ShipExplorer Welding – hull structure welds definition and processing



We are also developing a module for initial design (InForm). In the first version, the Hull Form and Compartments Definition and Naval Calculations should be operative, while the initial hull structure modeling tool with the interface with FEM analysis systems will be incorporated in the second version.



Hull structure and Outfitting Visualisation


Ship Explorer

Ship Explorer

Ship Explorer

  • Selection through technological hierarchy
  • Model analisys through user defined cross-sections
  • Efficient display manipulation (transparency, colors, various render modes)
  • Additional attributes from CAD and ERP systems
  • Direct connection with CAD system



Pipe Spools Generation

  • Definition and control of pipe spools (spool sketches, pipe details) by drawing and technological unit

  • Multi-view or isometric only display

  • Sketch layout customisation

  • Definition of reports and spools sketches maps

  • Pipes cutting and bending data

  • Interface with the ERP system

  • Revision contol



Spaces Definition and Paint Quantity Calculation


  • Spaces definition by combining cross-sections or
    by structure elements
  • Definition of paint layers for each space
  • Definition of paint properties through Paint Database Manager
  • Reports of needed paint quantities for technological units and defined spaces
  • Download Trident Painting demo movie here.




Hull Structure and Outfitting Drawing Generation

  • View definition through predefined and user defined cross-sections
  • Changing of view position, boundaries, scale and angle
  • Control of geometry and non-graphical data
  • Automatic dimensioning and drawing description
  • Download Trident Drafting demo movie here.




Dimension Control

  • Measuring blocks definition by technological units or by structure elements
  • Efficient selection of geometry
  • Definition of various sets of measuring points for blocks
  • Export of measuring points and geometry to the measuring device system


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TRIDENT history

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