Our Staff

Our greatest asset is our highly trained staff, consisting of engineers of various profiles, and covering specific aspects of all TRIDENT modules: from naval architecture to marine and electrical engineering. They have also mastered various development environments thus being capable to offer development of applications for various purposes.

Our strengths

  • 30 years of experience in shipbuilding industry
  • Over 150 man-years experience in programming and application development
  • Expertize in shipbuilding processes
  • Rapid support for user questions, customization and new feature requests
  • Constant development and improvement of our products

Hardware capabilities

Because the TRIDENT origins are connected to the UNIX platform (Sun Solaris version), we have a long history of using various Sun workstations and servers. Today, a continuously growing part of our development is based on PC computers (Linux and Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)). 

Development environments

Our personnel is trained for the development of applications in various environments:

  • CVMAC and CVDORS (for TRIDENT development purposes)
  • Sun STUDIO (Sun Solaris C++ and Fortran compiler)
  • C/C++ compilers for MS Windows OS
  • Advanced use of OpenGL and XML
  • Web applications development (PL/SQL, Oracle APEX, Java EE and JSF 2.0)
  • Oracle Database Administration and Management