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PIPING & HVAC modules


The Piping, HVAC and Electrical modules support all phases of the outfitting design process, from the initial P&ID diagrams and projects development, up to the workshop documentation generation. Some examples of the Piping & HVAC modules functionalities are presented below.

  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) and respective BoM

  • 3D modeling of piping and equipment for outfitting design (interactively with the Hull Structure module) using CAMU product structure

  • Catalogues of equipment and fittings for pipelines
  • Generation of data for JEC PipeSpoolII for NC bending machine control
  • Automatic generation of dimensional sketches (pipe spools) and respective BoM



  • Automatic standard pipe support insertion
  • Insertion customized nonstandard pipe support
  • Automatic generation sketches and respectiv BoM



  • Automatic standard equpiment support insertion
  • Insertion customized nonstandard equpiment support
  • Automatic generation sketches and respectiv BoM



  • Development of major HVAC systems, including flow calculation
  • Duct spooling and workshop data generation
  • Catalogues of equipment and fittings for ducts



  • Catalogues of firefighting simbol insertion for firefighting & safety plans



  • Ceiling panel system generation with BoM

  • Wall panel system generation with BoM


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