A “natural extension” of the TRIDENT workspace in a multi-user environment is a Product Management System (PDM), designed to facilitate the collaboration between users and working teams, regardless of their physical location.

The TRIDENT PDM system is based on the Optegra system (PTC, USA). It integrates the product functions and data in order to have a unique source of information about the product, no matter where and how the information is generated. The unjustified redundancy or absence of data is thus avoided, while in the meantime it enables all members of the design team to refer to the same data. The core of the PDM system is the Vault, a central archive for all the data needed for the product definition. The use of those data can be controlled, the revisions and indexes followed, the data can be electronically approved, etc. Through the product structure and visualization tools, the PDM system enables a better understanding of various segments of the product and gives the possibility of a more efficient control of the electronic model.



Document management system for initial and functional documents and drawings, consists of a web user interface for definition of drawing lists and their attributes (deadlines, hour allocation etc.), document control, approval and release of documents, and various reports and notifications alerts (via e-mail). After the internal approval process completion, the document is watermarked and digitally approved and stored (published) in the Oracle UCM digital archive. The document further can be tracked for the owners and classification societies approval.

Users add their content through the Optegra Vault PDM system, which feature workgroup management and document flow control.




The project of the Uljanik Shipyard (our mother company) technological renewal defined the modernization of an existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP system), an area which has been covered with the Burin software, an application developed in-house through more than three decades.

In order to make a better use of the available resources for development, it was decided to cover the area of material definition and control with a new application, the MARS system (Logimatic, Denmark). That application, specially developed for the shipbuilding industry, covers the areas of project setup and budgeting control, material definition (steel and outfitting), purchase, stock, material handling (steel and outfitting) and production control.

Taking into account the fact that the product of the Uljanik Shipyard is defined completely in an electronic form, the interface between CADDS/ TRIDENT and MARS system proved to be an important issue in the development of the shipyard’s integrated IT system. The interface between those two systems was the first ever developed worldwide.