ShipExplorer is tailored to the end user with fast data loading, easy model manipulation, and a sleek and clean user interface focused on the work and not on the app.

  • Tailored for the users, checked by users on a daily basis.
  • Fast data loading, without program blocking.
  • Easy model manipulation.
  • Modeless operation: it’s always possible to manipulate view (zoom, rotate, scale…) regardless of other operations that might be active.
  • Load of complete ship, or only parts of construction, including hull, outfitting, and imported data (3rd party equipmpent and/or assemblies).
  • Robust on old hardware.
  • Multiple operating systems support (Solaris/Linux/Windows) with seamless data flow; it doesn’t matter where something is created, it will be read everywhere.
  • Drag&Drop support.
  • Possibility to examine geometry in stereo 3D and Virtual Reality.