TRIDENT is a fully integrated CAE/CAD/CAM solution based on PTC® CADDS®5i product database. It integrates the entire CAE/CAD/CAM shipbuilding process through its modules: HULL FORMNAVAL CALCULATIONSHULL STRUCTURE, NESTINGELECTRICALPIPING & HVAC.

TRIDENT works under CADDS®5i environment and uses other CADDS®5i subsystems to cover areas such as mechanical design, etc. It has all advantages of CADDS®5i environment (full interactive, 3D, modern user interface, subsystems integrated in the same data bases), and it integrates all project and construction activities.

The layout of TRIDENT modules and their relations to the CADDS®5i database are shown below.

TRIDENT is based on a database with topology relations between elements (hull structure and holes, profiles and cutouts, profiles and curves, etc.). Standard shipbuilding equipment from various manufacturers are available for piping, HVAC, electrical, accommodation etc.

TRIDENT incorporates shipbuilding experience, knowledge and standards, and can be adjusted to any shipyard to meet its specific production requirements.



  • Consists of five fully integrated modules: hull form, naval calculations, hull structure with shell plating, nesting and electrical module
  • Developed inside CADDS environment, which comprises the other CADDS modules (e.g. piping, HVAC, modules for explicit and parametric modeling, etc.)
  • Takes advantage of all the benefits CADDS environment gives (fully interactive, 3D, modern user interface, all modules share the same database)
  • All design activities are integrated, including the definition and distribution of production data
    Incorporated shipbuilding knowledge, experience and standards
  • Libraries of shipbuilding equipment from various manufacturers available for piping, HVAC, electrical module
  • Definition of data for fabrication and assembling of equipment, pipelines, ducts and cable trays
  • Automatic data exchange with the ERP system
  • Integration with the Document Managemet system

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