ShipExporer as a Virtual Reality Generator, a presentation at the Faculty of Science, Zagreb

Gordan Šikić and Marin Bistričić of USCS held a lecture on “STEREO 3D PRESENTATION OF SHIP STRUCTURES USING LOW COST HARDWARE” at he Faculty of Science iz Zagreb, on Thursday, January 14th.

As part of the preparation for future projects of CEKOM (Center for Competence) for shipbuilding, in cooperation with FMENA Shipbuilding Department, and Department for Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis and Numerical Mathematics of Faculty of Science, ShipExplorer’s Stereo 3D view capabilities was presented and analyzed.

They also showed the possibility of virtual walks within the ship, the “Virtual Reality” paradigm, using ShipExplorer and the “Oculus Rift” virtualisation device.

The quality of the presentation itself, as well as problem-solving approaches, algorithm synthesis and their implementation in the ShipExplorer software, once again proved to be at the very top in the application of modern technologies in shipbuilding.

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